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Why join (most relate to both website and apps)

  1. Its Free
  2. 2 Free Bumped Listings and 2 Free Featured Listings to all new users – no expiry.
  3. The Android app is Free to download here, install and Join (iOS – 2019)
  4. Any listings added via the app will appear on the website and vice-versa
  5. As no sales are completed online / via the app – there is NO COMMISSION on sales (All sales are completed face to face)
  6. We are UK based
  7. Add Unlimited “Ads” via the app or website
  8. Add 15 Images as standard on all listings
  9. 200 Character Limit on the main title of the listing
  10. Unlimited Description
  11. Add in Location
  12. Add Price
  13. Add Type (Selling, Exchange, etc)
  14. Add Warranty (Yes or No)
  15. Add Condition (New, Used, Secondhand, Handmade etc)
  16. Add YouTube video link (if you have a video)
  17. Option to Bump or make a Listing Featured by buying a package
  18. Bidding System – Seller to allow bids on item being sold (can be switched off by seller)
  19. Radius Search on searching for an item
  20. Image reordering – want to swap your images about, no problem, the option this there
  21. 1-Click Facebook Login
  22. We’ve added in a bad words filter and exchange them for some “nicer” words
  23. Rating on Ads (Stars and Comments)
  24. Drag and Drop image uploader when creating ads
  25. Safety Tips and Tricks on ad pages
  26. Buyers can Private Message you directly
  27. Price based search
  28. Featured Ads based search
  29. Category based search
  30. Simple to use seller dashboard
  31. Warranty based search
  32. Title based search
  33. Seller public profile
  34. We’ll aim to reply to all Customer issues within 2 hours (max 24 hours) – Contact Us
  35. We’re active on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)


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Get the App!