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These are the rules of – We’ll try and keep them as simple as we can.

  1. Be nice to each other
  2. No pets of any type to be sold on – only Pet Accessories – bedding, toys, feed, etc allowed
  3. No firearms / weapons of any kind
  4. No Drugs / Medication
  5. No Alcohol or Tobacco products
  6. No Job posting of any kind (full time, part time, work at home, etc)
  7. No selling of goods from outside of the UK (Until we expand into other countries)
  8. No food or drink
  9. No Fake / Counterfeit items – any items found to be fake / counterfeit will be reported to the police.
  10. ID card printers and their ribbons are allowed, please keep in mind that if you sell it to a person who uses them in an illegal way you will be held legally liable due to the Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Act.
  11. No photos containing information concerning other websites, emails, phone numbers etc


Please note : All listings; new and updated are checked by admin first before going live, any listings that break the rules will not be made live and the user contacted directly to be made aware of this. 

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