Promote Us!

Fancy helping spread the word about and the wonderful things we're doing here by allowing sellers to sell for Free!

Well now you can.. 

You've a choice of logos in different sizes and if you're selling on other websites, you can download our "promotional slips" to print and cut to be put into your orders - what a way to help spread the word! 

This of course is all Free. 

Use the logos for your own websites, blogs, social media and more.. you don't need permission from us, you just go right ahead - We don't mind. 

If you need a specific logo creating, contact support with your request : and it will be created and emailed across to you. 


To save a logo, just right click, Save As and that's it! 





Logos - With Tagline

To save a logo, just right click, Save As and that's it!





Promotional Slips / Inserts

Sell on other selling sites and want to spread the word even more, download, print off, cut up and insert our promotional slips into each parcel you send out.

Click here to get the PDF >

If you need anything specific in terms of logos creating etc or you simply want to give feedback on anything above, please email us : and we'll get back to you asap!