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New Locations Added to Buuy

New Locations Added to Buuy

This week (w/c 10th December we have added 3 new locations to the Buuy website / app.

This being : Warrington (Cheshire), Garstang (Lancashire) and Great Yarmouth (Norfolk).

We have now begun adding new locations in the UK only every day until the iOS App becomes available where we’ll continue to add UK locations daily but at the same time we’ll start adding international locations also starting with New York – approx 2/4 weeks after the iOS Launch has taken place.

Within a matter of months in to 2019 99% of UK Towns and Cities will be added to the Buuy website / app.

Once the iOS App Launch has taken place in Jan / Feb approx 2/4 weeks later we will launch in New York – Being our first international location and then rapidly expanding across the USA and globally with new locations almost daily and in the local currency.

All English speaking countries will be added first then we’ll start adding in language options to allow listings to be added in native languages.


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