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How “” Works

How Buuy actually works is pretty straight forward and easy.

If using the App:

  1. Download the app from the Playstore here (its Free)
  2. Once installed, click the logo on the homescreen on your phone / device to launch the app
  3. To register on the site either fill in the fields to register or login via Facebook in one-click
  4. Once you are registered on the app it will load to the main home page.
  5. Look for the Orange Circle with the + sign within it, press it
  6. On this first page of listing an item enter in :
    Ad Title and Select Category, then press the arrow
  7. On the next page,
    – Upload up to 15 images (1Mb max each) – (Access to your phone gallery is needed),
    – Then you select the ad type (Sell, Buy, etc)
    – Price (Fixed, etc)
    – Enter the price
    – Choose the currency – only £ at the moment
    – Choose the condition of the item
    – Warranty
    – Tags (like keywords)
    – YouTube link – if you have one for any reason of the product / item you are selling
    – Then the description of the item your selling
    – If you want to, enable the bidding (Where people bid based on price for the item your selling)
    – Once all completed press the arrow to move to the next page.
  8. On the next and final page :
    – Enter your name
    – Mobile phone (optional – not shown on listings)
    – Location (UK only at the moment)
    – Under the “Address” – enter ONLY the town / city name, i.e. “London, UK” or “Glasgow” or even a postcode of somewhere different, i.e. in the town / city center – Do not enter your full address. Under there you’ll see a map, it will find your location for the “directions” option on, but isn’t shown on the app.
  9. Then submit your listing to admin for approval. If no issues, the listing will be made live.
  10. Yes, we know that the process is longer than other selling apps, but we’re a lot more detailed when it comes to listing ads and getting all the information needed. Yes we could make it quicker – a lot quicker in fact, but for now we’ll leave it as it is.

If using the website (

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Register” at the top of the page.
  3. Either fill in the form or login via Facebook in one-click
  4. Once logged in to list an item for sale go to “Post an Ad” in the top right corner
  5. Then Add :
    – The listing Title and
    – Choose the Category that the item should be listed in.
    – Click “Next”
  6. Then Add :
    – Price Type
    – Price
    – Choose the Currency (£ only at the moment)
    – Images (10 max at max 1Mb each)
    – Description
    – Tags (like keywords)
    – Type of Ad
    – Condition
    – Warranty
    – YouLink video link (if you have one).
  7. You’ll see “Bidding” underneath, this allows buyers to bid on your item – if you wish, if you don’t want this option, leave as “Off”. Click “Next”
  8. The Add :
    – Your name
    – Mobile phone number (optional and never shown)
    – Location (Do Not add your full address, just Town/City and first part of the Post-Code, so for example, “Preston, PR1” – Never put your full address on the listing – the location is shown on the listing. Or you can use the magnifying glass to find your location on the map – again never full address.
  9. Press “Submit” the listing will come through to Admin, of which it will be checked before being made live on the app / site. If all OK, it will be published, if any issues, you will be contact via Admin to discuss.
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Get the App!