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  • What is is an app (and website) that allows you to sell unwanted items from around the house, garage, shed, unwanted presents and gifts, unworn or barely worn clothing, DVD's you no longer watch, or CD's etc you no longer for Free to local neighbours, and people who live in your area, such as your town or city.

  • Is it really Free?

    The app is Free to download. The site is free to join, as is the app.

  • It is Free to join

    To list unlist unlimited ads is completely Free To sell an item is Free (all sales are completed Face to Face) *Upgrading your listings to a Bumped or Featured is a paid option.

  • Got an app?

    Yes, currently we have an app on Google Playstore. The Apple (iOS) version is coming soon. We are putting the apps on to the 2 main appstores (Playstore & Appstore), and we are also looking at adding the app to multiple independent appstores around the world to reach other markets.

  • Where are the links for the apps?

    You can find the links at the bottom of everypage in the footer section.

  • How many listings can I list?

    Unlimited Ads

  • How many images per listings can I add?

    15 Images per listing at 1Mb each. If your images are too big please visit :

  • Is it local or can I sell anywhere I want?

    Local only, such as local area, town or city. Should a potential buyer be further away, i.e. next Town / City and the want to buy your item, that's fine - its entirely up to you.

  • How long do listings last for?

    30 Days before automatically being deleted, this is for normal, bumped and featured listings. This allows the app / site to be constantly updated with new and fresh listings and doesn't allow listings to be listed and forgotten about. All listings are deleted 30 days from day one.

  • What are Bumped Listings

    Bumped ads (once paid for) allow your listing to go back to the top of that category / area.

  • What are Featured Listings?

    Featured ads (once paid for) allow your listing to stick to the top of your chosen category for the duration of the listing time, i.e. 30 days

  • Do I get any freebies?

    2 x Bumped Listings & 2 Featured Listings with no expiry, just to say thanks for joining!

  • What are the packages

    Packages are the different options to boost your listings or to make them featured. They range from £0.49 to boost the listing, £0.59 to make it featured and £4.99 for Unlimited Bumps and Unlimited Listings.

  • How do I post an ad online?

    Please visit :

  • How do I post an ad via the app?

    Please visit :

  • How does work?

    Please visit :

  • Why should I join Buuy?

    Please visit :

  • I want to learn about you - where's the About us page?

    Please visit :

  • Do you have a blog?

    Please visit :

  • I want to contact you

    Please visit :

  • What about my data and GDPR?

    Please visit :

  • Any press clippings?

    Please visit :

  • Wheres' the privacy policy

    Please visit :

  • Where's the Terms policy?

    Please visit :

  • Who owns

    "" is owned by "" (

  • Are you on Social Media

    Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

  • I want to join the newsletter, where do I sign up

    Please visit the bottom of any page on the site and add in your email address to the subscription box and you'll be automatically added to the newsletter list. You can unsubscribe at anytime when you receive a newsletter from us - which is occasional and not all the time.

  • I'm interested in advertising on the site / app, what options do you have?

    Sure, please contact us in the first step :

  • Is Buuy being translated into any other languages?

    Yes. This is in future updates. We are looking at : French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and various others. If you'd like to recommend a language, let us know.

  • I'm based outside of the UK but want to sell on the app / site, can I?

    If your interested in selling on the site / app and your based outside of the UK, which is great of course, contact us

  • How many categories are there?

    10 - We are keeping it very simple at the moment.

  • What If there isn't a category that suits my item I'm listing.

    At the moment we are sticking to 10 categories. However , you can make suggestions for future categories by contacting us via the website / app or via social media.

  • What currencies are available to sell in?

    At the moment just £ for the UK, but as we expand into other countries around the world we'll add as many currencies as we can to the list; starting with $ - which can be used for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more and the Euro.

  • Do you have a forum?

    Launching soon. Announcement will be on social media and via the newsletter.

  • I need to complain, as a question etc

    Firstly and the best thing to do is contact us straight away. you'll get a response asap - normally within 2 hours, but can take longer depending on time of day etc. To contact us :

  • I have discovered an item that shouldn't be listed

    We take great pride in ensuring that items listed on meet with our rules. We physical check every listing - new and updated before it is made live on the app / web site, but if one has fallen through the check and made its way on to the site, the best thing to do is get the URL from the browser and contact us asap and we'll take it from there.

  • How can I log in?

    You can either sign up and use your email or do a one-click sign up / in with your Facebook account. Or you can visit both the app and the website as a guest.

  • What can I sell on Buuy?

    Almost anything tbh. There are a few things we don't allow: - Firearms / weapons - Medicine - Pets - Drugs - Tobacco related items - Alcohol - Food / Drink items - Job postings of any kind - Images showing the promotion of other websites / phone numbers etc - Fake / Counterfeit products ** ALL LISTINGS ARE CHECKED MANUALLY BEFORE BEING ADDED TO THE SITE - ANY ISSUES WILL NOT SEE THE LISTING BEING MADE LIVE AND THE SELLER BEING CONTACTED DIRECTLY ** The above list can change at anytime.

  • How much do I charge for something I'm selling?

    When selling an item, any item, you have to ask yourself, what's the max price you'd pay for it, but at the same time you don't want to over price yourself on any item your selling and not receive any offers etc. You can always use the bidding option.

  • I want to leave

    Not that we want you to go, but if you do want to leave, let us know by contacting us and we'll sort removing your account, or you have the option within the app to delete your account yourself. Once your account is deleted all information is removed from the app / website / servers and cannot be returned.

  • Where can I use Buuy?

    We have one app (Android) available on the Google Playstore (iOS / Apple Appstore - Coming soon) and you can also use Buuy without the need of an app on your computer on

  • I need to report a User...

    OK, This is bound to happen for any number of reasons, but the best thing to do, is rather than get involved in an argument etc with the other person, if your unhappy with a purchase, how your being spoken too etc, simply take a step back and come directly to us and we'll see what we can do. Do not feel that you have no one to turn too etc, we are here to make using Buuy as friendly as possible. You can of course directly report the user from the "Report User" button on the listing on the app, or via the listing on the listing on the website.

  • I have a pet that I wish to sell - Can I?

    No. We do not accept the selling of any live or deceased animals. We only accept "accessories" such as toys, bedding, enclosures etc. If unsure please contact us.

  • Can I Private Message the selller

    Yes. You can either: App : At the bottom of the listing look for "Send Message" where you'll be able to directly PM the seller, or Web : On the listing it self, look for "Send Message" where you'll be able to directly PM the seller.

  • I want a take Payment before releasing the item, what do you suggest?

    Paypal. Get, if you haven't already a Paypal account and link it to your bank account. Then, you can using your email address linked to that Paypal give the email address to buyers to send payment for goods before you release them. This covers you and the buyer. This is highly recommended.

  • I want to cancel the deal - by the Buyer

    If your the buyer and you no longer wish to fulfil the purchase, simply write, as soon as you've made your decision a quick and polite message to the seller explaining why etc. The sooner the seller knows, the quicker they can repost the listing.

  • I want to cancel the deal - by the Seller

    If you, the seller have decided that you simply cannot part with your favourite CD and if someone has already said they are willing to take if off your hands, let them know asap with a quick and polite note explaining why. Then simply remove the listing from the site / app via your dashboard. If you then decide you can part with it, simply create a new listing as before.

  • Paying for an item / getting your item / selling your item

    OK, So as the seller you've agreed to sell the item and as the buyer you've agreed to purchased the item. This is a legal binding contract. So now what. We (Buuy) suggest meeting in person is the best route to exchanging goods for payment. If going to collect an item: 1) Let more than one person know where you are going, who you are meeting and at what time. 2) Ensure you meet, if possible in a suitable location to both parties and a suitable time (see No 1) 3) As the buyer, check the item fully before handing over any money to the seller. If it isn't to your liking or your ensure about it, you are free to walk away. 4) Do not feel pressured into buying the item even though you have met 5) Please not that if you have taken payment for your item via Paypal but have handed over the item in person, you as the seller will not be covered by PayPals Protection Service. For further information on this, Google "paypal safety and security" . 6) If happy, complete the transaction and enjoy the item you've just paid for and enjoy the extra cash!

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