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Below are some often asked questions about, any further questions etc can be directed via the Contact Us page

1. What is 
a) A fun and friendly UK Only marketplace allowing almost any item to be sold by anyone over the age of 16. 

2. Is Free to Join?
a) Yes

3. How many items can I list?
a) Unlimited 

4. Any thing I can't sell? 
a) A few things; 


Items that need authentication

Jewellery (handmade, custom is fine)

Counterfeit Goods of any kind - The item will be removed and the appropriate action taken. 

Cigarettes and Cigars





Items that may carry personal information - Make sure you properly wipe the memories and be sure they’re ‘clean’ before you sell them.

Magazine Subscriptions

Recipes - These are free online

Accounts - Such as the topping up of accounts like Swagbucks, etc

Intellectual Property 

Firearms of any kind


You can sell large items, as long as the postage / delivery is arranged, or if local, to arrange that it is "pick up only". Heavy items also fall into this.

5. What's the commission on sales?
a) A standard 5% on all sales. We only take commission on sales, not delivery etc. 

6. How do I get paid?
a) Via PayPal. 

7. How many images per listing can I add?
a) 15 at 2Mb Each. Check out to shrink the size of the image, but not the quality (plus makes your listing page load faster!)

8. Who can sell on

a) Anyone over the age of 16 and any business. 

9. How soon after I publish my listing/s will they appear on the website? 
a) All being well, listings should appear immediately, if not, just give a shout using the contact us form, or via social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

10. Are sellers able to contact me?
a. Yes, on the listing page they'll be able to see "Questions and Answers" - this is where buyers can ask questions concerning the product being sold. 

11. Can't seem to find a suitable category for my listing?
a. Let us if this is the case and we'll see what we can do. 

12. I have quite a few listings, can you help?
a) Yes, built in to each Members Account is a Bulk Lister that allows you to upload listings via a .csv file direct to your account - you can make them live immediately or upload them in draft mode. If you'd like any help with this, we can assist in the uploading of the file on to your account. 

13. I need to arrange a refund / return. 
a) In the first instance, contact the seller to discuss everything. If your still not happy, contact the team at and we'll help. 

14. Is there any Seller Protection?
a) As we use PayPal in the handling of all payments, Buyers and Sellers are both covered by the PayPal Seller Protection. Any issues, let us know

15. Do I need to registered on the site to make a purchase. 
a) Yes, this is for our own records, the sellers and to make it easier for you in the future when returning to

16. I want to cancel / change my order, what do I do?
a) Please contact the seller directly concerning any alterations to your order in anyway. 

17. How soon should I receive my order?
a) This depends on the seller. Please check the listing and / or speak to the seller directly.  

18. What is the Returns Policy for
a) Each seller will outline on their listings what there returns policy is, however, 

19. The cost of returning an item - who pays? 
a) Should the item be damaged in transit or not as described then the seller is liable for postage, but if the item is being returned for any other reason then the buyer is liable for the postage.

20. How do I return an item I have purchased from
a) Firstly contact the seller and discuss with them the issue and the reason behind you wishing to return the item. 

21. The seller isn't isn't willing to accept my return
a) Contact us and we can help. 

As Buuy grows, the FAQ's will also!!