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Buuy is back!

Buuy is back!

Buuy is back!

Over the last 11+ months Buuy as gone through some major changes to whole business model and where we’re coming from and what we want to end up doing.

As you can already see that we now own the domain a major step forward for us as a company, this enables us as a company to expand as and when we feel like it and into almost what ever country we feel we want too.

Owning just the restricted us to just the UK market – which was fine, of course, but why restrict yourself to just one territory when there’s a whole wold out there. Having the .app domain allows us to do just that.

The will be the main company website – about us, news etc and where to download the apps etc.

The will be the main marketplace website, or the web version of the 2 apps (Android and iOS).

To get the app on the Play store click here > Get the App!


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