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Buuy Affiliate Partner Referral Program


We are putting together the Buuy Affiliate Referral Program that will allow anyone - individual or company to join, promote and make money from promoting Buuy. 

As an affiliate you will receive your own dedicated dashboard where you'll be able to get your Unique Affiliate I.D. along with promotional materials that we will create, these will be banners, both static and animated to for you, the affiliate to use in any which way you wish to promote Buuy. 

So, what do you get in return for promoting us, adding a banner to your blog or putting your Unique I.D. in to a post... Well....

1. For every new member that joins and then opens a store, we'll pay you - £5.00! Yes, £5.00, that's half of what we'd receive for that member opening a store with us. 

2. A recurring commission of 25p per store, per month for the duration that that store is with us. Which means, if they either close their store for whatever reason or leave completely, that 25p recurring commission stops. 

There is still a lot to sort out and plan as yet, but that is the outline idea of what we're hoping to get live asap. We've still a lot to design such as the banners and other things, but we're really excited about this and want it live asap. 


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